True Relief Combo Value Set -True Relief Memory Foam Lumbar Support + Honeycomb Cooling Gel Seat Cushion @ $90 (UP $119.80) . Available in 2-colour sets

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True Relief Value Combo Set -True Relief Memory Foam Lumbar Support + Honeycomb Cooling Gel Seat Cushion @ $90 (UP $119.80) . Available in 2-colour sets

  • Brand: True Relief
  • Product Code: TRLS + TPESC
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  • $90.00 $119.80

True Relief Combo  Value Set  -True Relief Memory Foam Lumbar Support + Honeycomb Cooling Gel Seat Cushion @ $90 (UP $119.80)

True Relief Memory Foam Back & Lumbar Support Cushion    
                                                                                                                     Designed to Improve Your Posture, Reduce Stress to the Back and Alleviates Lower Back Pain.       

 Features & Benefits :                                                                                                                                                                                                  
• Premium Therapeutic Grade Memory Foam Conforms to your body
• Lumbar & Back Support - Perfectly Portable with 2 Integrated Strapping System. Breathable, Removable and Machine Washable
• Anti-Slip base
Dimension : - 48cm (H)X 38cm(W) X 6-11cm (D)

True Relief TPE Super Comfy Honeycomb Cooling TPE Gel Seat Cushion

Specially designed for maximum relief and comfort.

This seat pillow features a Hyper-Elastic Polymer construction that promotes an excellent circulation from the body for long hours of sitting.

Key Features
Provides support to lower back, spine and hips
Our ergonomic seat cushion is specially designed with a pressure release system with a unique gel pocket that ensures pressure releasing support for hips, coccyx (tail bone), lower back, spine, sciatic area, and glutes. This allows this support seat cushion to promote healthy posture, weight distribution, and ease of movement.
Add pressure relieving support to any chair or seat
Compact, portable and lightweight, True Relief Honeycomb TPE Gel Seat Cushion is your ideal sitting solution for home and office work, driving, gaming, or simply relaxing inside your house.
It adds pressure-relieving support to any chair seat so you can always feel comfortable and supported.
Great for every seat
We want to give you the best seat cushion that is why whether you’re staying at home, at work, or travelling, True Relief has you covered!
This gel cushion is ideal for your office chair, bench, computer, recliners, truck, car, wheelchair or airplane seat cushion. What’s more, you can also use it on your game or gaming chairs and even during meditation.
Includes a durable non-slip washable cover
For hassle-free transport, stability and storage, this tailbone cushion includes a non-slip and machine washable cover with an in-seam handle for transport. This non-slip cover also provides excellent protection for the gel structures to ensure your seat cushion provides comfort for years to come. Whether you are sitting alone at home, at the office, or going on a long drive True Relief Honeycomb TPE Cooling Gel Seat Cushion will make your trip a wonderful trip. Feeling Cool and Comfortabable always.

Dimensions  W46 D42 H3 cm


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