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Loyalty has its Benefits

Our Membership Rewards Program aims to bring you the best value, healthy savings, exclusive benefit and littles surprises awaits! 

We have a very simple easy to understand POINTS SCHEME to REWARD our loyal customers who purchase from our DRM Gallery. 

If you have registered as a member of our Rewards Scheme, you will be awarded 1 Reward Point for every $1 dollar nett invoiced value paid.

Every 10 Reward points, can be redeemed for $1.00 off your next purchase invoice.  Rewards must be redeemed in lots of 10; partial units not allowed.

The Reward Point will be calculated on the Nett Invoice Value and before GST. Rewards are calculated to the rounded-down Nett dollar invoice value, decimal points are not counted. 

For example, if you purchase an item valued at $100.90 + $7.06 GST, you will get 100 Reward Points

If you purchase an on-sale item for $60.00, that is originally priced at $100, you will receive 56 Reward Points (after GST)

If you use your accumulated Reward Points to make a purchase, points will be based on nett price invoiced - for example, price $60 less $20 Reward Points = Nett $40 paid, will earn 37 Reward Points (after GST)

Keep on accumulating your Reward Points and you can exchange them for Cash-off against next purchase.


Receive 1 DRM Point for every $1 nett spent online.
$1 nett
Shop Bag
Redeem $1 off for every 10 Points accumulated.
$1 off

Terms & Conditions 

1.    Membership is valid in Singapore only
2.    Membership and Rewards points usage is not transferrable and exchangeable.
3.    Sharing of accounts is not allowed
4.    Certain promotional items and stated selected items may not be applicable for reward points usage 
5.    Unredeemed membership points will expire every 31 December of each calendar year. No carry forward allowed.
6.    The Management of DRM Concept Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions without prior notice and has the final decision in case of dispute 
7.    The Management reserves the right to revise or cease the DRM Gallery Reward Programme.