Motor Up Xtreme Fuel System Treatment

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Motor Up Xtreme Fuel System Treatment

  • Brand: Motor UP
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Motor Up …. Every Engine’s dream
A world leader for over 20 years
Millions of MotorUP users satisfied in 50 countries around the World!
Made in the USA
Committed to the Environment
Keep your engine running like new!
Restores and Prolongs the Life of Your Engine!
Extreme Pressure Protection
Improves Power & Acceleration
Increased Fuel Economy
Reduces Oil Consumption and Exhaust Emissions
Motor Up Fuel System Treatment
Enhances Fuel System Performance
• Cleans Your Entire Fuel System.
• Reduces Hesitation & Rough Idling.
• Improves Acceleration.
• Lowers Emissions
• Eliminates Knocking
• Restores Engine Efficiency

MOTORUP Fuel System Treatment for diesel, gasoline or Petroleum engines contains a special anti-rust formula that stops the rust and corrosion, which can result in costly damage to your car’s entire fuel system. In fact, MotorUP Fuel System Treatment cleans up your entire fuel system, including its fuel injectors, intake valves, manifolds, fuel pumps, carburettors, fuel lines, PCV valves, EGR valves, ports and combustion chambers.
eliminates carbon deposits, hard starting, rough idling, hesitation and engine knocks. It is compatible with gasoline/petrol and diesel fuels.

Millions of MotorUP users satisfied in 50 countries around the world!

Directions of use
With the engine turned off, pour the entire contents of bottle into your

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