Motor Up Xtreme Engine Treatment

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Motor Up Xtreme Engine Treatment

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Motor Up …. Every Engine’s dream
A world leader for over 20 years
Millions of MotorUP users satisfied in 50 countries around the World!
Made in the USA
Committed to the Environment
Keep your engine running like new!
Restores and Prolongs the Life of Your Engine!
Extreme Pressure Protection
Improves Power & Acceleration
Increased Fuel Economy
Reduces Oil Consumption and Exhaust Emissions

Motor Up Xtreme Engine Treatment
Fully Synthetic
• Extreme Pressure Protection
• Protects & Improves Power & Performance
• Increased Fuel Economy
• Protects your Engine from most destructive forces: friction, extreme pressure, heat, cold, corrosion, dirt, carbon deposits & dry starts
MOTORUP Xtreme Engine Treatment performs like no other engine treatment, oil additive or motor oil. It’s unique “micro bearing” technology has an extraordinary ability to withstand loads and reduce friction in your engine. As per the American Petroleum Institute (API) extreme pressure is found in several parts of the engine: valve train including cams, valve lifters, push rods, valve stem tips, and rocker arm parts. MOTORUP Xtreme Engine Treatment is most effective where engine wear, loss of power, bad performance leading to expensive breakdowns occur. Add the most advanced protection to your engine now

Simply pour the entire contents of the bottle into the oil crankcase. Does not require an oil change before adding. MOTORUP Xtreme bonds to the metal in your engine, and continues to be effective even after you change the oil. Continue to follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule.


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