Motor Up Original Engine Treatment

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Motor Up Original Engine Treatment

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Motor Up …. Every Engine’s dream
A world leader for over 20 yearsMOTORUP Original Engine Treatment
Restores & Prolongs the Life of your Engine
• Provides Extreme Pressure Protection.
• Restores Compression, Acceleration & Performance.
• Prolongs Engine Life
• Reduces Oil Consumption & Exhaust Emissions.

Restores & Prolongs the Life of your Engine.
MOTORUP 420 Engine Treatment Extreme Pressure Protection Treatment is an all-in-one multifunctional formula that restores, protects and quiets engine noise, while smoothing out rough idling. It restores compression, power and performance. It reduces oil consumption, while increasing combustion, thereby reducing smoke and exhaust emissions. MOTORUP 420 Multifunctional formula is full of active ingredients, including:
• Detergents to clean your engine!
• Dispersants that carry away dirt and carbon deposits to the filters!
• Corrosion inhibitors - a major cause of engine wear & tear!
• Anti-foaming agents - to ensure good lubrication and refrigeration.
• Anti-wear & anti-seizure-welding agents - to protect during dry starts, traffic jams and premature aging.
• Freezing point depressors - for cold and freezing climates.
Active ingredients to reduce friction, lower engine operating temperatures and wear.

MOTORUP 420 Simply pour the entire contents of the bottle into the oil crankcase. Does not require an oil change before adding. MOTORUP 420 first bonds to the metal parts in your engine and then continues to be effective even after an oil change. Continue to follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule.

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