Bubi Flip UP Cap - Grey

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Bubi Flip UP Cap - Grey

  • Brand: Bubi
  • Product Code: BFUCAP
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  • $16.90
Bubi Sports Cap w/Flip Top, Grey. One size
This uniquely designed flip cap makes on-the-go hydration easier, cleaner, and convenient. Our cap replaces your plain cap, Bubi bottle and contains a nipple (not a straw) under the latched compartment. The latch pinches the nipple to avoid any spills or leaks. Therefore, enjoy your coffee or tea without the worries of spilling with our leak-resistant technology. This accessory also allows for two forms of flow- bite top to bottom for a slow liquid flow or bite side to side for faster flow.

This design, a nipple, is easily cleaned, use soap and water.  The combination of the bottle’s flexibility and the nipple, you can drink horizontally or vertical.  Accordingly, when drinking, you will not obstruct your vision. Therefore, it is essential for travel, driving, running, biking, hiking, yoga is ideal for errand runners, on-the-go coffee sippers, or children using sips cups!


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