BackJoy TPE Ergo-Gel SitzRight Seat Cushion

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BackJoy Egro Seat Cushion 

Our newest SitzRight innovation introduces a unique blend of ErgoGel Technology that: 

• Stabilizes the hips.

• Absorbs pressure and

• allows airflow to keep you cool and comfortable while sitting.

• Unlike any other seat cushion, it fuses the ergonomic contours of SitzRight  with a low profile design to promote ideal support and sitting position.

BackJoy Egro Seat Cushion 

 ErgoGel is stable yet elastic, giving extra resiliency and shock absorbency.

 The new SITZRIGHT GEL by BackJoy is ergonomically designed to ensure ultimate comfort and support when sitting.  

 Ergonomically contoured design to support sitting posture 

 ErgoGel™ Support System

 A proprietary blend of resilient material that stabilizes the body for long-lasting support and pressure relief.

 Micro-Dynamic Flow

 Designed to gently move with you while promoting airflow and blood circulation.

 Heat Resistant

 Sustains thermal changes and is easy to sterilize.

• Main body material - 100% Thermo-Plastic Elastomer (TPE), a kind of plastic. Recyclable

• Material of the cover: 50% Cambral fabric+ 10% P (Polyurethane) leatherette + 40% terylene anti-slip fabric with zipper

• Material of the package: Paper. Recyclable

• Weight of Body: Approx. 650g and Cover: Approx. 100g 

• Dimension: Body: Approx. 45 x 35 x 10cm

• Set includes:  BackJoy TPE Ergo-Gel SitzRight seat cushion x 1 + Washable & Anti-slip bottom cover x 1

Additional Information:

ErgoGel material does not stick to other surfaces including fabrics and the colour does not fade


Precautions for Use: 

• Prolonged exposure to heat and direct sunlight above 150F / 60C may cause warping 

• SitzRight ErgoGel can be cleaned with a wet cloth and mild soap under warm water but do not sterilize or put in a dishwasher. Allow to airdry.

• Can be used for wheel chair, in the bathtub or outside but do remove the cover in the shower or bathtub

• Possible to use without the cover but the customer is suggested to wear long pants or long skirt due to the pattern shape of the cushion


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